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certificazione di qualità iso 9001


Our thirty-year-long experience in precision mechanical machining allows us to guarantee the highest level in quality and production, as well as in our workflow in order to process even the most complex orders, offering reliability and short-term delivery.

We can satisfy our customers' requirements in every production phase, from the raw material supply till the shipment of the goods.

We perform:
  • feasibility study
  • automatic turning and various processes
  • quality check
  • Shipping and packaging.

Thanks to the help of very professional sub-suppliers, upon request
we can supply components with:
  • protective galvanic treatment (nickel-plating, chrome-plating, zinc-coating, anodizing and others)
  • thermal treatments (hardening, annealing, case-hardening
  • grinding
  • surface treatments (pickling and brushing)
  • rectifying machining.
The final control is carried out in our Measuring Room equipped with:
  • granite levelling countertop
  • micro-technology profile projector
  • Mitutoyo profilometer
  • OGP mvp250 optical measuring instrument
  • Tesa HITE400 digital altimeter
  • durometer
  • wrinklemeter
  • several digital measuring instruments.

To satisfy our customer's request, in the shipment of the goods we include also our Quality Control Sheets and raw material certificates of the ones used in the production phase.

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